Registration & Events Ticketing

Please register for the reunion (required) and choose tickets below to the individual events.

  • At least one attendee must be an RTC-affiliated shipmate; you graduated from RTC Orlando as a recruit, were a Company Commander at RTC Orlando, and/or were stationed at RTC Orlando as staff. See the Registration Terms and Policies before you agree.
  • Each RTC-affiliated shipmate must register separately.
  • Click the “Add to Event Cart” at the bottom of the list once you’ve selected your tickets.
  • Don’t close the browser tab or go to another page while you are filling out the form or you will have to start over.
  • You may use a credit or debit card online (no PayPal) or choose to send a check by mail.
  • You can register first and come back later to purchase tickets. You will have to complete the registration form again (but you will NOT have to pay the registration fee again); please use the same email address each time you visit.
  • Check the Reunion Schedule page for non-ticketed events.
  • Deadline to register and purchase tickets is Sunday, September 30, 2018.
Details Price Qty
Reunion Registration—RTC-affiliated Shipmate [REQUIRED]show details +$35.00 (USD)  
Reunion Registration—Adult Guestshow details +$20.00 (USD)  
Reunion Registration—Child Guestshow details +$0.00 (USD)  
RTCOR Welcome Dinner (Tue)show details +$25.00 (USD)  
Boot Camp Challenge & Lunch—FREE (Wed)show details +$0.00 (USD)  
Coffee & Cake with the CCs—FREE (Wed)show details +$0.00 (USD)  
Capone's Dinner & Show—Adult (Wed)show details +$35.00 (USD)  
Capone's Dinner & Show—Child (Wed)show details +$25.00 (USD)  
Capone's Transportation (Wed)show details +$6.00 (USD)  
Kissimmee Sightseeing Tour (Thu)show details +$65.00 (USD)  
Wild Florida (Thu)show details +$65.00 (USD)  
RTCOR Karaoke Night (Thu)show details +$0.00 (USD)  
Photo Sessions—FREE (Fri)show details +$0.00 (USD)  
Bluejacket Banquet—Adult (Beef) (Fri)show details +$55.00 (USD)  
Bluejacket Banquet—Adult (Chicken) (Fri)show details +$55.00 (USD)  
Bluejacket Banquet—Adult (Vegetarian) (Fri)show details +$55.00 (USD)  
Bluejacket Banquet—Child Guest (Fri)show details +$15.00 (USD)  
Blue Jacket Park Visit—FREE (Sat)show details +$0.00 (USD)  
Blue Jacket Park Visit—Commemorative Programshow details +$5.00 (USD)  
Blue Jacket Park Visit—Transportation (Sat)show details +$20.00 (USD)  
Blue Jacket Park—Lunch (Sat)show details +$15.00 (USD)  

  • Registration & Tickets
    October 9, 2018 - October 15, 2018
    2:00 pm - 10:00 am
    - You must register for the reunion in order to purchase individual event tickets.